Auckland Choral - 2017 Subscription Series

This is an online application form for our 2017 Subscription Season.
All the details of the year's concerts are in our subscription brochure and on our website.
If you want to order online, just fill in this form and submit it. You can provide your credit card details,
or for greater security just tick the box and we will phone you to get your payment details.

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Full series gives you 4 concerts and a saving of 25% on door sales.
Concession rate applies to senior citizens and students with valid ID.
Child rate applies to children with a current school ID and must accompany an adult subscription.

  Premium* A Reserve B Reserve Child** Sub Total
Full Full Concession Full Concession   $
Full Series
(All 4 Concerts)
  218 195 177 173 154 40  
Flexi Series A
(Concerts 1, 2, 3)
  184 162 148 139 126 30  
Flexi Series B
(Concerts 1, 2, 4)
  184 162 148 139 126 30  
Flexi Series C
(Concerts 1, 3, 4)
  184 162 148 139 126 30  
Flexi Series D
(Concerts 2, 3, 4)
  184 162 148 139 126 30  
          Total $
*Premium seats in Auckland Town Hall, A Reserve seats in Holy Trinity and St Matthew-in-the-City.
**Child subscription prices not available for Premium seats.

Join the Friends of Auckland Choral (optional, $40). $
Donation to Auckland Choral (optional, $5 and over for tax rebate). $
   Grand Total


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Date for Messiah Monday 18 December Tuesday 19 December
Town Hall Seats         Stalls       Circle       Balcony
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Please note: we cannot guarantee that seats will be in your chosen location.
In particular, if you request Centre Circle seats, please also give a second preference.

Please tick here if you are a current 2016 subscriber

All prices include GST. The Auckland Choral Society reserves the right to change programme details or artists if necessary.

You should receive confirmation from us within two weeks of placing your order.
If you don't, please email

NB: Concession rates apply to students and senior citizens with valid ID.
Child rates apply to children with a current school ID. Child subscriptions must be accompanied by an adult subscription.